The Twitcher Diaries: Black-winged Stilt

This is the first post in my ‘Twitcher Diaries’ series, and to start I thought I’d go local & go to Cley. This bird isn’t even a lifer (I saw one at Cley almost four years ago), and, since the only lifer I could get was in the Broads, I figured I’d go for this one. Birds were turning up all across the county; Bee-eater, Dusky Warbler, Pied Flycatcher, Temminck’s Stints everywhere & a mass movement of Spotted Flycatchers. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to go to Eye Field, and instead focused my attention on Teal Hide. I arrived there & saw the Black-winged Stilt almost instantly. I remained at Teal Hide for almost the entire 1 1/2 hours I was there. However, I made a brief sojourn to Bishop’s Hide, which only succeeded in revealing that the stilt was right in front of Teal, so I ran over there to find it had walked away again! Not to be outdone, I got some distant record shots of the bird in a little inlet.


Aside from the stilt, star performer has to go to the absolutely gorgeous male Ruff which frequented the channel in front of Teal Hide with a Greenshank.


P1200106Other birds of interest included a confiding male Whitethroat outside Bishop’s Hide- I very rarely see these birds out in the open like this, let alone readily photographable.


Other Interesting Sightings

Sedge Warblers were also present once again, though not in the numbers that were there a week ago; a male Reed Bunting near Daukes’s Hide posed for the cameras, a solitary Reed Warbler was heard calling from the same area & several House Martins were circling over the houses opposite the ‘triangle’.

Luke Nash, 7th May 2016



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