An Easter to Remember

I’ve had a very eventful Easter holidays, so I thought I’d just write a short blog post about it.

The first ‘big’ thing came on the 27th March when I secured my third UK tick of the year when I twitched the female/1st winter male RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL at Titchwell. It showed well at times flicking around the trees around a small pool, though the light was pretty appalling.

Red-flanked Bluetail, Titchwell RSPB
The stunning Red-flanked Bluetail at Titchwell

We also saw the female Pallid Harrier that had been frequenting the fields around Blunt’s Corner near Holkham: unfortunately, an idiotic photographer kept flushing it so we never saw it for very long.

Pallid Harrier, New Holkham
The female Pallid Harrier near Holkham

The next big thing was the week I spent in Cyprus: I’ve already written three other blog posts on it which I will link below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A splendid male Lesser Kestrel, one of seven of these birds that we saw on Cyprus

We then spent a few days at home chilling & getting the tedious holiday work done. This was punctuated with a couple of trips to Cley, which yielded a few summer migrants such as Sand Martin, Swallow & a Great White Egret.

A splendid White Wagtail, one of several summer migrants encountered at Cley.

Last, and by no means least, was a five-day expedition up to Scotland & NE England for five days over Easter, which got me five lifers (Golden Eagle not pictured). Herewith follows some highlights:

Black Grouse– lifer number one, it was great to see at least twenty-five of these males running around screaming their heads off.
Red Grouse– lifer number two, actually fairly common on the heather moors higher up, with some birds showing very well.
Crested Tit– lifer number three, could often be heard flicking around the Scots Pine trees, especially around Loch Garten.
Rock Ptarmigan– lifer number four involved climbing an entire mountain, but it certainly reaped rewards, with this bird showing extremely well on the very peak of the mountain.
Slavonian Grebe– several winter birds down in Norfolk showed up in their resplendant summer plumage, including this and both Red & Black-throated Divers.
Dipper– not a lifer, but it was a subspecies tick for me (and only my third ever). This little guy showed well on a river close to where we were staying.
Osprey– this female sat on her nest whilst we stood watching. Great views!

On the way back, we stopped at Bempton Cliffs RSPB for the morning, where we were treated to some first-class seabird photography lessons courtesy of the birds.

Gannet in flight
Fulmar in flight
Kittiwake in flight
Gannet profile shot
Razorbill coming in to land!
Puffin on the cliffs- undoubtedly the star of the show that day- so cute!
Though not a seabird, the Tree Sparrows around the visitor centre were very nice & readily photographable

So that was my Easter, hope you enjoyed!

Now as I mentioned in the last blog post, the website will now go on a hiatus until early June so I can prepare for exams & other looming projects, so see you then!


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